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Inside Tate

Standing tall on London’s Southbank, Tate Modern is no stranger to London’s tourists; being the third most popular attraction in the UK. The ex-power station stands three hundred and seventy-five feet, impacting visitors with its external image and internal wonders.  

Open Sunday to Thursday 10:00-18:00 and Friday and Saturday 10:00-22:00 guests are given plenty of time to explore all that is offered. 

The ‘Free Displays’ section that includes the ‘Materials and Objects’ exhibition highlights the story behind the overall outcome of the artwork. The extensive information alongside each exhibit allows the experience at Tate Modern to become more personal to the viewer. As Léger stated ‘I work less by reflection than by instinct’. Subjectivity disappears and the art s appreciated in its true form. 

Tate is cleverly designed in that exhibits are positioned in such a way that connections can be made with ease between pieces. The visit is made enjoyable even for those who may not consider themselves art connoisseurs. Tate Modern has succeeded in making art accessible to all, attracting many from students to the elderly. 

Guests are not limited for choice, with free admission and ticketed ones such as the ‘Soul of a Nation’ available. 

Jade Adams
Jade Adams
Journalism student focusing on patch news and reviews from Southwark and Lambeth