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The need for more: Insight into Lambeth’s housing crisis

‘Lambeth is the fifth most densely populated borough in the UK’ with ‘123, 000 people on the list for social housing’.

It has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the UK which had caused an influx in young mothers needing housing. The relatively low male life expectancy can also contribute to this.

But the question many are asking is, what is exactly going to be done to resolve this so-called ‘crisis’?

Prices have risen by ’47 per cent in the past few years’, with the ‘average property being £531k’ making it almost impossible for many to enjoy adequate living standards. The council has revealed a programme of action which they have said they hope to introduce in full soon.

Governmental changes at a higher level are surely needed in order for real results.

The cuts that have been made to housing benefits have hit Lambeth hard. The number of social housing dwellings completed has dropped from ‘738 to 549 since 2015’.

 Change on a greater level will have to be seen in order for Lambeth’s community to be given the opportunity to flourish. The question that needs to be asked is whether the council and government can work together in order to resolve the issue.

Jade Adams
Jade Adams
Journalism student focusing on patch news and reviews from Southwark and Lambeth