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Celebration for bravery of local residents

All three of London’s police forces have come together today so celebrate the bravery of local residents and staff during events at Westminster and London Bridge

It is the first of its kind, where a celebration has taken place for all three of the rescue services in London: the City of London Police, British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police Service. Two hundred of the people working for these sectors will receive commendations for their bravery. 

Although members of staff will receive commendations so will members of the public who showed a huge amount of bravery during the difficult times that London experienced throughout the past year. Awards will also be given for bravery shown during the Finsbury Park incident

The efforts that people went to in order to save the lives of other will not and has not gone unrecognised in the City of London. 


Jade Adams
Jade Adams
Journalism student focusing on patch news and reviews from Southwark and Lambeth