There has been a mixed reaction to a controversial proposal to plant an avenue of trees along one of Clapham’s busiest roads.

Clapham Road





Clapham Road

Mayoral candidate Rory Stewart made the suggestion, as part of his campaign to increase the number of trees across the capital.


Shoppers and local residents say it’s a good idea, but other improvements are more important.


Mr Stewart wrote a Tweet earlier this month, suggesting Clapham Road would be improved by a row of trees planted on one side.


Clapham Road forms the A3 major route in and out of London, and past several major rail and tube stations.


Mr Stewart, who is standing as independent candidate, has been campaigning for the planting of millions of trees across the UK since he attempted to become prime minister.


On 4th November, he wrote on Twitter:  “Clapham Road – why so few trees? Could we not plant an avenue on the wide pavement on the right?”  along with a picture of the road.


Clapham Road


We went to Clapham to gather reaction to the idea.   


One young teenager thought is was a positive one “Don’t know much about him (Rory) but yea why not? ”


Regular visitor Elisabeth believed the candidate should be addressing more important issues:


“More greenery is always good, but I think we should focus more on all the garbage that is along the road.” 


She continued: “I think he prioritizes wrong. It’s more important that the road is clean.

Better bike paths are also something that I think is more important.”


But a Sainsbury’s employee disagreed with her: “I think that’s a great idea. It makes the road look nicer, since the houses have such boring colors.” 

Bella Linder