JLDN Live show week 3:

This week in our third live show I was assistant web editor. This involved having to re-read everyone’s written write up’s. cheeking for spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as making sure each write up contains the requirements as set out. also to make sure each post met the seo requirements and was posted in the correct categories.

Also for this weeks live show my group choose the topic of the Aylesbury estate located in Walworth South East London. it is home to many families and is now said evacuate by the council. after only receiving a days notice on when to evacuate. I went down along with my group to the estate to find out more about the situation. after getting some vox’s and Gv’s on the day. 

Overall the show went quite well hosts were very well spoken and topics of news that day were set out to be well presented.  only cretic i would have to point out upon would be the sound issues in some vt packages.  The quality of sound was very low and hard to hear. 

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