How Brexit might play a substantial role in up and coming elections.

The conservative party’s previous false past pretences have the public hesitant about up and coming elections.

On the 23rd of June 2016 when Brexit was officially announced by party leader Terresa May.  Has affected the public’s view substantially about if the governments interests are towards the better of the nation. Representing the Conservative Party, she had claimed that she voted remain though the publics views towards her remarks are bias. After speaking with business owners about the up and coming election whose businesses lost a substantial amount of the downfall in 2016 as Brexit was announced. The publics views towards the once promising Conservatives have changed due to many losses.

Many business owners who dealt with international exchange, marketing and property at the time found it a tremendous loss when Brexit occurred. Leaving the pound value to drop significantly around the time, making it almost difficult to deal with international exchange. 42-year-old Harris Grey claimed after voting Conservative, his experience with Brexit’s announcement back in 2016 had a major downfall for his trade in his real estate business. As one of Terresa May’s campaign promises was to ensure a cheaper living cost in the United Kingdom among housing prices. When in fact living conditions in the United Kingdom at the time doubled in value among landlords, due to the pound value dropping in figures by a substantial amount.

Mr Grey found it almost impossible to uphold his business in trade overseas in housing once the actions of Brexit were announced. due to the currency dropping and says “If these false pretences, towards a better future for the British public was at the governments best interest. Then what was the need to claim false notions when in future it would affect the ultimate result of how the public would view the party.” Mr Grey also stated that “Like many others I know who voted Conservative in the previous election. Have now infect change their mindset towards the party’s views and most definitely will not vote Conservative this time round.”

Though this is not just an individual opinion, after considering how the actions of a party could affect people in their personal lives. It was a thought to consider when leaving the EU how views towards Brittan was judged, by the European public in regards of stating the nations independence, and restricting many Europeans. That are allowed a permanent residency in the United Kingdom once Brexit took a full course.

Alternatively, many other British citizens find that Brexit was the way forward for a promising future for the nation. 23-year-old Jonathan Greenwood, stated that “over the past few years immigrations regulations of foreigners, being able to claim forms of benefit that hard working British citizens pay tax towards was unfair. and that when Brexit was to take a full swing it would be beneficial for British nationals to accept the forms of right that are theirs.” He also claims that “The conservative’s past notions towards immigration regulation in the up and coming future is a major reason that I am pro Brexit and in favour of The Conservative party’s approach’s and will most definitely vote for Conservative in the elections taking place in May.”

Though many Europeans may disagree with the concept of a conservative ruling in the future. It is tough to say how forth coming elections are taking an impact on the public views towards a dictatorship that is attending the public’s interests with concern or just another false promise that will undergo a leadership of a governing role. While opinions see bias it is clear to say previous government actions have the public contemplating on actions to take forth in the up and coming election.


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