The battle of the sexes and who is actually fitter

A controversial study shakes up mass understanding of human body by condemning women as ‘naturally’ fitter than men, Ralitsa Arabadzhieva reports.

A recent study conducted at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada has revealed that women process oxygen 30 percent more efficiently than men. The study’s author, Professor Richard Hughson explains that women’s ability to use their muscles for extracting oxygen from blood faster.

Nine women and nine men between 18 and 30 years old with similar body mass index have taken a part in this research by walking on a treadmill. As part of the research participants wore face masks for measurements of the carbon dioxide they produced.

Following this ground breaking publication we were left curious and anxious to get and public’s opinion on the issue. This is what they shared:

Mohammed Dehjeb said: “I would say that that is not always the case. I think that it depends more on how you eat and how regularly you exercise. If you normally get your lunch at Burger King and do no exercises at all you will not be as fit as someone who eats vegies and fruits and goes to gym every day.”

Samira Naiomi said:”Yeah, I believe we are because we have better understanding of how important healthy lifestyle is for our body. We also have better developed self-control over our eating habits. For example, I care whether there is gonna be a salad on the table tonight whereas my boyfriend is all over the Chinese takeaway.”

Leo Franchetti said:”I don’t know about whether or not you are naturally fitter than us but I know from personal experience that being fitter depends mainly on eating habits and self- discipline.”



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