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How Digital Journalism Changes Journalism

In this day and age, digital developments have been idolised around the fast pacing world we live in and thus have had a huge impact on the way technology grows. Due to the fact that society is more open now to more visual ways of telling stories and reporting the news, journalists and news agencies have adapted to finding shorter ways of reporting the news such as 3-5 minute videos or summaries of what is going on around the world.

Indeed, due to the “rush” and haste of getting the news in first, journalists do not always end up reporting the accurate truth and in turn have found ways around it by using words such as
‘reportedly’ or hyperlinks to other sources they believe is credible.

Digital developments have changed journalism in huge ways, as it is an individual isn’t necessarily required to pick up a newspaper to get the information they require, they can get it off social media and other news apps that are easily accessible and straight to the point. Digital developments have hastened the ways journalists report the news, the way people receive the different stories on going in the world. It has reminded journalists that very few people have time to sit and read endless paragraphs just to find out about issues about the world.