live show 3

presenters Shola, George

They both did a great job and seemed really natural on camera.

Bulletins Remeka

She did a great job with the bulletins, particularly with delivering the new news about Patty Murdoch, she looked slightly nervous but handled it great

Social Media Jacob

He had some really interesting news and sounded great. Looked really natural on camera too

VT Nicola

There was a lot of trouble when it came to uploading the video in the correct format, ultimately it resulted in poor sound which took away from a great story. Also it was about the MTV Music event and it would have been nice to include some background music

VT Theo

Theo looked really natural on camera with some great shots of Oxford Street

VT Ralitsa

Ralitsa looked really professional on camera, there was some issues when it came to sound but a great VT on the whole

VT Olivia

There was a lot of head space but Olivia sounded good, she looked slightly uncomfortable on camera but the shots were very good

Producer Leanne Mahria – Assistant producer

Leanne did a great job co ordinating, everything came along really smooth