How Digital Developments Change Journalism

Digital developments is the main culprit of the reason as to why news storytelling is in decline and it has changed journalism over the last few years. Ben MacIntyre from The Times says ‘the internet is liberating us from the formulaic structures and scaffolding the media uses to tell stories’. In my opinion Ben MacIntyre is quite right as the internet is swaying people away from reading things such as newspapers and print journalism is slowly in decline which is a problem for Journalists as the industry will become a lot more smaller, in this way news will only be read online, watched on TV and listened to on podcasts. It’s already blatantly obvious that stories in print have begun to be written shorter due to the internet having more information. Nicholas Carr’s article supports this as he states “the more they use the web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing”. Due to digital developments, tablet computers and apps are changing everything and it’s believed Amazon Kindles and iPads will become the commonplace way of consuming long form journalism. Therefore, we can summarise that due to digital developments, journalism is changing in many different ways and traditional media may face a difficult transition as they have been heavily reliant on advertising revenue and for instance magazine and newspaper sales.