The life and art of Wolfgang Tillmans

The profile is written by Emily Witt and she explains a series of life events that Wolfgang Tillmans has experienced and Witt explains the story and meaning of TIllmans art. The writer of this profile Emily Witt uses lots of different writing techniques to make the profile interesting for readers to read, also the profile is written in paragraphs which allows the readers to understand the context of the profile.  The Profile is almost like an autobiography and more like a story, also the profile is written in long form journalism. An example of writing techniques the writer has used the most is adjectives and pronouns which are seen as essential for the readers to almost depict an image. Witt describes Tillmans in a lot of depth and uses lots of information about the stories behind Tillmans photography. The impression the writer is creating towards the reader is clear due to the use of quotes that have been added by the writer Witt and have actually been said by Wolfgang Tillmans.