South London housing association pay tenants to sign ‘sham’ documents

Person signing a document

A small south London based housing association called Pathfinder had paid tenants to sign ‘sham’ document agreements.

Insider housing say that ‘the housing association paid £1,000 for ‘sham transactions’ signatures.  The properties were sold on the open market instead of being sold to shared owners.

However, Pathfinder have claimed that they denied paying anyone to sign such documents. The claim is to be settled out of court on confidential terms.

Fake News Transforming into a Political Dialogue


Picture of fake news
Fake news

Fake news is news that can be written by journalists or even the public posting fake news on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Most Americans believe in fake news headlines. The use of the term ‘fake news’ (e.g. politicians) to discredit news media is a seen as a concern by 49% and 31% is exposed.

Fake news on social media can transform a political dialogue as it can cause lots of uprise and uproar as if news is fake then lots of people will be posting comments and saying different things which could create lots of disagreements on the social media platform page. This can transform into a political dialogue as whoever first posted the news on social media may lose trust from lots of people that have been following their account for a long period of time.

Another way fake news on social media can transform a political dialogue is due to social media currently becoming increasingly popular and because of this lots of people now mainly read news online via apps and social media. This type of news can transform a political dialogue as majority of this news is not written by official sources and fake news can spread onto other people’s profiles which will make the public read news that is artificial due to reading from unreliable sources even though the news may seen very real with supporting evidence such as fake documents and pictures shown.

Everyday Justice – Court visit

I had visited a Magistrates Court in South London on Wednesday 14th November and it was my first experience of ever visiting a court!

I have to say personally I was intrigued about visiting and by visiting it had helped me develop my knowledge and understanding of how the legal, court system works.

On the visit, we had been allocated to visit a specific court room and there was different cases going on and outside each room, people’s name would be written down so you would know the people that are attending the court’s names.

In the courtroom that I had visited the Magistrate was a man and the case seemed very interesting however, it was very annoying and long for me personally and a waste of my whole morning as the court case didn’t actually go ahead in the end as they had new evidence they needed to go through and had needed lots of time which they had already asked for. 

Therefore, my experience had gone from amazing to very bad as the case had wasted the court’s time and a lot of other people’s time as if I knew I could have gone and watched another case which actually went ahead and had an outcome at the end without the court case being postponed.

New home developments in Southwark

Housing development company called the Peabody have made executed and made plans to develop housing in areas in London such as Greenwich, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwark and more.

They have already completed work on building new homes/flats that have already been sold/rented in Southwark. These parts of Southwark are Chamber’s Wharf where they have created 180 homes and Cooper’s road in Southwark where they created 66 homes.

Peabody are still working on Camberwell Road where they plan on building 66 new homes and building 179 homes in Newington Butts.

A new recent development idea they have is to build more new homes in Borough Triangle. This land sits between London South Bank University, Borough Road and the Crown Court on Newington Causeway. As the planned works are still going underway, it’s not been said how many homes they plan on building, however pictures have been released on the plans of what Borough Triangle is planning to look like. 

If you click here you can view the pictures of the Borough Triangle plans

Virtual Reality (VR)

Picture of a man wearing a VR headset
Maurizio Pesce wearing the VR headset

Virtual reality (VR) journalism has emerged from its early experimental phase to become a more integrated part of many newsrooms. Scene VR project lead by Zach Wise Evanston, Illinois, by Northwestern University Knight Lab had an idea of making a tool for journalists and others to use from their smartphone or camera in order to create VR photo experiences that include interactive navigation.

This editorial opportunity is a good idea as it will make it easier for journalists and other people to capture news very easily as you don’t need to have a professional camera you can capture news with even your smartphone and this can allow audiences to become more engaged due to viewing VR photo experiences. This would produce immersive storytelling as it will become dynamic story, for example if a person was making a documentary on sea life underwater VR photo experiences would be the best thing to use and this tool that Northwestern university want to develop would be an amazing experience to capture for audiences to view.

However, there will be a pitfall as if we think about it major technological challenges remain and this is particularly around the cost and VR news still has a poor understanding of its audience in both terms of content, content discovery, and attitudes to the technology and hardware.

Are you interested in joining the Homeowners readers’ panel?

Southwark council are looking for people to join the homeowners readers’ panel. 

Southwark Council produce lots of different types of information for homeowners that live in Southwark to read. If you are interested in this role your job will be to give feedback on whether the information is clear and made easy to read for everyone. 

If you believe that you can help out Southwark council in fulfilling clarity in the work they produce then click here

Is Citizen Journalism and User Generated Content Killing Professional Journalism?

Social media icons

Different social media platforms

As we all already know social media has changed the world of journalism and this has been done by both citizen journalism and user generated content. Both citizen journalism and user generated content can be seen as a threat to both professional journalists and traditional journalism.

In a world of news that is provided by citizen journalists and user generated content, the role of journalists now is to produce new news quicker than citizen journalists and user generated content so that Journalists news is read quicker and this would produce lots of people to read journalists news that they publish as it’s hot news in the media.

Even though print journalism may be dying out it is still read by many people and a journalist’s role is to find and produce fresh news so that they can report back to their editors for their news to get published for the next paper or magazine. Some people enjoy reading newspapers and magazines instead of finding news from social media and from their phones.

Journalists produce news that doesn’t include people writing their own opinions however, citizen journalists and user generated content allows you to do so which not a lot of people like as they may agree or disagree with what the public are saying and this can cause disputes on places such as social media online.

Solar Panels Fitted in Vauxhall the last 5 years in Lambeth Council have been working on an innovative project with their partner Engie. This community project was to allow installation for solar panels on the roofs of buildings in Vauxhall Gardens that residents had lived in. This was funded through a community share offer- giving local people and investors an opportunity to gain a 3% return on their clean energy investment. Lambeth council plans to install the solar panels on five building of the Vauxhall Gardens estate, generating clean, green electricity and saving 24 tonnes of CO2 every year, the equivalent of powering 17 homes. Work has already begun for installing the solar panels.