How I Consume News

News stories are now mainly consumed online, and news can be accessed via the use of technological devices such as mobile phones, iPad’s and laptops. News is also still consumed from newspapers, but this is in decline.

I consume news which is posted online. I consume the news in this way as I find that news can be easily read from my smartphone, also it saves me the hassle of buying a paper every morning. I like being able to read news stories from my smartphone as news is everywhere on my phone. I have a news app on my phone which updates regularly throughout the day, I like this method as when there’s new news I get notifications sent to me on my phone, which therefore allows me to be regularly updated with the news and in this way, I consume news much faster than reading a newspaper.

However, my perception changes with the way I consume news as I also read news from Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp however, the news is online which could lead to me reading fake news as these types of news are not all from journalists but are from the general public and the public could be posting news on social media platforms that haven’t been well researched on and instead could be a rumour that is spreading around which they think is true but actually fake.