Data Journalism

A story that may come as a result of the data is from a website called which has published data on whether true stories have actually been voted by people to actually be accurate.

One data from the website found was that 100% of people believe that the film Selma is a based on a true story and in reality, the film Selma was based on a true story, so the public were right. This is interesting as people believed that the whole storyline was true, however in reality some parts may not be 100% accurate as the story for example, things that MLK said word for word may not necessarily have been said in the film. 

However, another film called The Big Short was said to be 91.4% a true story. However, this is blown out of proportion and it can be turned into a publishable story as the storyline in the film of the true story is not all accurate and there are many parts of the story that are very inaccurate and false.

Therefore, this data is interesting as not all stories can be true and this links to Journalism as stories can have cliff-hangers and plot twists in order to engage the audience and make them keep interacting with the same story to find out more information which may not be typically correct. Also, this can become published into a story to be known as fake news to the public.