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Workbook- Introduction to Broadcast Journalism

In this semester we will start learning about Broadcast Journalism and we will be writing up a weekly workbook of what we do each week. This page also includes my workbook of my VT and audio package.

Week One-Jan 29th

  • Introduction to the module
  • We got assigned into our VT groups, I was in a group with Kika, Ameera and Arun
  • Introduction to the Ipods, we got taught how to use the iPod, the stand and microphone etc. We also got told how to put away the equipment after use in the bag
  • Introduction to the reporter app

Friday- 1st Feb

  • Introduction to Photoshop

Week Two-5th Feb


  • Learn’t about health and safety when filming
  • Overview of assessments for the module
  • Learn’t about filming GV’s also known as General Views


  • Learn’t about using sources- PA Mediapoint, IRN, BoB

Friday-8th Feb

Introduction to Premiere Pro

Week Three- 12th Feb


Went around the university and filmed GV’s and made a VT about student life

Week Four-19th Feb


  • Viewed every groups VT’s they produced and had editing ready for viewing in class
  • Learn’t about filming PTC
  • Prepared for our Brexit VT’s


  • Learn’t about story angles, audio production and podcasts

Week Five: 26th Feb

  • We went on a trip to Parliament and in the morning we was filming GV’s with our VT groups for a VT to show in class for next week.
  • In the afternoon with Michael we had recorded audio around Parliament, I did a walk around parliament explaining what was happening around me with natural background sound.

Week Six: 5th Mar


  • Had a class discussion about last night’s news
  • Watched the Brexit VT’s
  • Planning an interview


  • Interviews and discussions

Week Seven: 12th Mar


  • Had a class discussion about last night’s news
  • Looked at filming sit down interviews


  • Listened to our audio we all individually recorded from our Parliament trip

Week Eight: 19th Mar


  • Looked at practising Vox pops
  • We looked at script writing and pitched our audio ideas to Michael

Week Nine: 26th Mar


  • Looked at profile interviews
  • Compared different news programmes that show on different channels


  • Review of our submission packages, got feedback from Michael

Week Ten: 2nd Apr


  • Spoke about our VT submissions and what is required in the VT’s
  • Introduction to Inception


  • Looked at radio packages

Week Eleven: 30th Apr


  • Spoke about our VT package to Rebecca
  • Started prep for our live newsday


  • Spoke about our audio packages and how far we have got

Week Twelve: 7th May


  • Newsday prep

Plans for our final VT submission (Group work)

  • In my VT group it was me, Kika, Arun and Ameera. The roles we all took up were for me to be the news editor, Kika to be the VT editor, Arun to be the reporter/researcher and Ameera was the camera person who had recorded GV’s and a PTC, Vox pops and interviews etc.
  • Before we broke up for Easter my group had all come up with individual ideas, the ideas we came up with were to film the new Tortilla place that opened opposite Southwark Station, the Tate late, art exhibition which takes place on the last Friday of the month or the London Marathon 2019
  • We then had pitched our ideas to Rebecca, and it was between the Tate Late or the Marathon and in the end, we had decided that the London Marathon would be the better option to pick.
  • The London Marathon was expected to be held on the 28thApril which would be during our Easter break so as news editor I had booked out an iPod to collect.
  • During the Easter holiday, I had planned where my group would meet on filming day and the time we would meet, I had researched the time the runners would start and where they would start running.
  • In the Easter holidays I had researched and thought of potential angles for the story and pitched it to my VT group.
  • Plan for filming day was to start at 9am at Greenwich.
  • On filming day, we had all followed our individual roles that had been assigned to us, we all had looked for suitable candidates to interview whilst we were at the marathon and made sure we asked for permission to interview and got their names.
  • Kika had the role of editing the VT, so I had made sure that Arun had written up a voiceover to record in time for Kika to put into the VT but before he sent it we had all listened to it and made sure that it was fine to put into the VT. During the editing process, I made sure that Kika was comfortable with the editing the VT and she had shown us the VT to make sure everyone was happy with it.
  • I had the role of making sure the VT package form was completed by each person in the group, I also had the duty to make sure that I sent it back to everyone in the group so that they could individually submit it.

London Marathon 28th April 2019, Tate Late, Best dressed runners

  • 3 vox pops needed, voiceover, GV’s, PTC, 1 interview, Clear angle
  • Plans for my audio package

Audio Package (Individual)

  • Air pollution- what’s happening, is it too high? Effects and causes of air pollution?
  • Speak to 3 people: resident that lives in Southwark, two professionals
  • DR Audrey: 02075947319
  • Barrie Hargrove: Councillor for Peckham 07944117902
  • Harriet Harman:
  • Helen Hayes:
  • Neil Coyle:
  • Adele Morris- Southwark MP 02075254377
  • Sound effects: cars and busy traffic, sound in southwark
  • I had tried to contact the London Mayor during the Easter break to see if he could be interviewed by me to talk about air pollution and what he as London Mayor is doing to tackle air pollution in London. However, I was unfortunate as there was a very long process in trying to get into contact and make time for an interview due to the London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s priorities.
  • In the end I had interviewed Miriam Rafo resident of Southwark, Dr Audrey who is senior lecturer and works in Imperial College London with the air pollution team, her and her team mainly look at the health effects of air pollution and she told me she believes air pollution is not necessarily rising. I also had the chance to interview Barrie Hargrove who is a councillor in Southwark for the Peckham ward.
  • World Health Organisation say 9/10 people breathe polluted air, this kills 7 million people each year.