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Week 4 live show – news editor (YouTube)

On Monday, the class had all picked roles that we wanted to do for both week 4 and 5, I was in the editorial group for both weeks, so for this week I took the role of being a news editor for our YouTube show. 

On Tuesday, I went out with Seyi who was the camera person and filmed my PTC  and Vox pops.

In preparation for Thursday’s live show, the managing editor, Georgie, had started to write out stories that members of the class had ideas for. This week was also the first week that our VT groups had to produce weekly VT’s. We also sat down and assigned roles and for this week’s VT I was the researcher/reporter. 

On Thursday morning, we had a meeting and in this meeting I asked every VT group, if they have a VT and the duration of the VT. After this me and my assistant had opened up inception and started working on the running order of today’s live show. We also wrote the script for the intro’s to the show, social media, bulletins presenter and we wrote the ending to the show. After each VT group wrote a studio intro and published it onto Inception, me and my assistant had checked it over for any errors and corrected them.

Before we went live, we had a meeting and went through the script making sure that everything was correct, however we had to drop out a story a group recorded as there was problems with the footage.

This live show overall was very good and everyone worked very hard, however, the sound levels throughout the live show wasn’t very good, at some points it was loud and quiet at others. The talkback was also recording in the live show and I think this is what ruined the sound of the live show.