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South London housing association pay tenants to sign ‘sham’ documents

A small south London based housing association called Pathfinder had paid tenants to sign ‘sham’ document agreements. Insider housing say that ‘the housing association paid £1,000 for ‘sham transactions’ signatures.  The properties were sold on the open market instead of being sold to shared owners. However, Pathfinder have claimed that they denied

New home developments in Southwark

Housing development company called the Peabody have made executed and made plans to develop housing in areas in London such as Greenwich, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwark and more. They have already completed work on building new homes/flats that have already been sold/rented in Southwark. These parts of Southwark are Chamber's Wharf

Southwark Neighbourhood Fund 2019/20

Southwark applications for neighbourhood funds 2019/20 are currently open until noon on the 22nd October 2018, so apply quick! The neighbourhood fund has £630,000 to spend on community projects, that local residents can put forward applications to improve the area they are living in. Projects must be ward based within the community