Free Sanitary prouducts to council buildings and schools

Writing that says Women

On Southwark council’s website they have put up an e-petition to implement free sanitary products for people living in council buildings and children going to school

Period poverty is where young girls and women cannot afford to pay for sanitary products for their menstrual periods. Young school girls are worried about going into school whilst on their periods due to not having the right sanitary product and being in fear of being teased by boys and other girls in school. To avoid this they don’t go into school and this can be a massive problem as they are missing lessons in school which means more and more young girls are losing out on getting an education.

The E-petition runs from 16/10/18 until 01/02/19 so if you believe that this policy should be implemented by the council to help out young girls and women then click here!

South London housing association pay tenants to sign ‘sham’ documents

Person signing a document

A small south London based housing association called Pathfinder had paid tenants to sign ‘sham’ document agreements.

Insider housing say that ‘the housing association paid £1,000 for ‘sham transactions’ signatures.  The properties were sold on the open market instead of being sold to shared owners.

However, Pathfinder have claimed that they denied paying anyone to sign such documents. The claim is to be settled out of court on confidential terms.

New home developments in Southwark

Housing development company called the Peabody have made executed and made plans to develop housing in areas in London such as Greenwich, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwark and more.

They have already completed work on building new homes/flats that have already been sold/rented in Southwark. These parts of Southwark are Chamber’s Wharf where they have created 180 homes and Cooper’s road in Southwark where they created 66 homes.

Peabody are still working on Camberwell Road where they plan on building 66 new homes and building 179 homes in Newington Butts.

A new recent development idea they have is to build more new homes in Borough Triangle. This land sits between London South Bank University, Borough Road and the Crown Court on Newington Causeway. As the planned works are still going underway, it’s not been said how many homes they plan on building, however pictures have been released on the plans of what Borough Triangle is planning to look like. 

If you click here you can view the pictures of the Borough Triangle plans

Are you interested in joining the Homeowners readers’ panel?

Southwark council are looking for people to join the homeowners readers’ panel. 

Southwark Council produce lots of different types of information for homeowners that live in Southwark to read. If you are interested in this role your job will be to give feedback on whether the information is clear and made easy to read for everyone. 

If you believe that you can help out Southwark council in fulfilling clarity in the work they produce then click here

Solar Panels Fitted in Vauxhall the last 5 years in Lambeth Council have been working on an innovative project with their partner Engie. This community project was to allow installation for solar panels on the roofs of buildings in Vauxhall Gardens that residents had lived in. This was funded through a community share offer- giving local people and investors an opportunity to gain a 3% return on their clean energy investment. Lambeth council plans to install the solar panels on five building of the Vauxhall Gardens estate, generating clean, green electricity and saving 24 tonnes of CO2 every year, the equivalent of powering 17 homes. Work has already begun for installing the solar panels.

Southwark Neighbourhood Fund 2019/20

Southwark applications for neighbourhood funds 2019/20 are currently open until noon on the 22nd October 2018, so apply quick!

The neighbourhood fund has £630,000 to spend on community projects, that local residents can put forward applications to improve the area they are living in.

Projects must be ward based within the community Council area. If applications from local residents living in the area get approved by Southwark Council then projects will take place between 1st April 2019 and 31st March 2020. The work needed to be done must be within the £500-£5,000 mark.

Applications made cannot be made by any organisations and any business/profit making organisations. If you are a local resident living in Southwark and you know what you want to improve, make sure you remember to put in an application before the 22nd October 2018, otherwise applications will not be considered.

Good luck!

Southwark’s estate resident’s association are boycotting the council review

Southwark Council offices
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On Wednesday 10thOctober 2018, estate residents decided to boycott the council review due to a lack of communication and not making residents living in Southwark aware of any work that is happening and whether the residents oppose or approve of it.

It is revealed that the review’s chair will bring in £12,600 for just two months work. The Southwark group of Tenants and Residents Organisations (STGO) believe that the council have not liaised with members in the sector and decisions have been made quietly. For more information on this, there will be a public meeting on Wednesday 17thOctober 2018 at St. Peters Church, Walworth at 6: 30p.m calling on the estate residents association living across Southwark so that they can ‘bury’ the review, it will be held with Sian Berry the London Assembly member.