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Choosing my dataset

The dataset that I have chosen to use for my assessment project is on knife crime statistics in London in the year 2018. I chose these statistics as my dataset as not only will I look at just the year 2018 I will look at the last few years and also

Using Data In A News Story

News story I found: UK employment hits record high I would use data to develop this story by finding data that shows how people being in employment has risen in the last few years, I would also find data that shows how many people are unemployed. I would also maybe try

How we approach statistical data

Reasoning is key People to notice how they feel about a claim before they read it and notice their own emotional reaction and think about whether they should retweet it. People highly biased by the way they processed information Certain things that we want to be true Inequalities rising- within the UK or globally,

The State of Union speeches

The infographic from The Atlantic website which has a post on the Language of the State of the Union. It shows how American presidents use words to reflect the twists and turns of American history. The chart provides information which is very clear as it's labelled clearly by each Presidents

Data Journalism

A story that may come as a result of the data is from a website called which has published data on whether true stories have actually been voted by people to actually be accurate. One data from the website found was that 100% of people believe that the film Selma