Info-graphic Workbook

How I found it?

I found my data set by sending a Freedom of Information Act email to City Hall, who already had released some data to other news outlets previously, however I managed to get some more. Other data surrounding the statistics of policing costs can be found from several different sources online, however I chose to ensure I had the most trustworthy data by obtaining it in the method I did. 

Why did I choose it?

I chose this data set specifically due to my interest in football and it’s supporters. However, the recent news issue showing correlation between lowering police numbers and a raise in knife crime in London, has made me question if such high police numbers are needed on match days. The crime committed at football matches is significantly lower than many believe it to be and whether this is down to the high numbers of policing, is an area to be evaluated. 

What I noticed about it –

Throughout all of the data I evaluated, I noticed the loophole which ensures football clubs do not have to pay for the majority of the police used on a match day. Football clubs can only be charged for policing inside stadiums or on their land, so police forces must cover costs such as managing travelling supporters or maintaining order outside grounds. The money recovered by the Metropolitan Police from football clubs last year was under 6% of the Police outlay. There is also a link to be made between the tax generated by Premier League players and their clubs and how this could cover several times over the costing of policing football. There is also room to perhaps look at how many police are employed per supporter and the individual cost of such.

Research notes – 


  • Amanda Jacks – Football Supporter’s Federation Caseworker – @FSF_FairCop

My interviewee Amanda Jacks, was quick, easily accessible and gives extra validity to my story. She is also a contact I can use for future projects which is extremely useful. 


Andrew Dismore was unable to undertake an interview with me but I was lead towards quotes on the matter which he had said previously. He has been a prolific figure in pressing the government on the issues I had covered and therefore it was necessary I used his name and quotes in my story. 

Editorial issues raised – 

I did not face any major editorial issues when undertaking this project. However, it did take me some time to get used to the software used to produce the info-graphic. 

Approaches to the info-graphic – 

My data for the info-graphic will be the money spent by the Metropolitan Police on policing West Ham in the 2016-17 season (the most expensive club to police in London), and how much of this cost is recovered by the Metropolitan Police. 

I also have a grid formation with 2 data-sets included below my original info-graphic. Again the information was obtained via City Hall. It has the percentage of police on the grounds of a football club on match-day, and how much the most expensive game in London cost to police last season.