Kalefah Sanah for The New Yorker: Erykah Badu

Kalefah Saneh’s words on ‘The Godmother of Soul’ Erykah Badu are nothing short of beautiful. It is clear to see that he writes about her with the upmost respect and care, words such as ‘beloved’ and ‘fierce’ evoke his passion for the singer. He also has no problem with showing this woman’s impact on her listeners, some which go as far as calling her a ‘second mother’.

He recalls a story of her and a producer from her hometown of Dallas collaborating together to re-work Drake’s ever so popular ‘hotline bling’. He shows how her creative nature comes out when she is in the studio. We get the sense it is of the same nature as an artist with a canvas.

He also explores her development throughout the years and describes that her fashion sense is ever changing along with her musicality. Throughout the whole profile he reveals Badu to us, he shows us her impact and span of influence on all those who come across her.

Kalefa holds Badu in the highest regards. He presents her as someone who is genuinely talented and pure in nature. If you’ve never hear of Erykah Badu; this profile isn’t a bad way to start.

A way to better health for Lambeth residents

Last week Lambeth council announced the opening of a new leisure centre in partnership with Greenwich leisure limited. The centre is now fully open for business. It boasts a huge arsenal of equipment and facilities that users can access.

The centre includes a 3 lane 25 metre swimming pool which is accompanied by a poolside steam room and sauna, swimming lessons through the Better swim school have been made available for users. The gym facilities are host to 100 different stations using the latest technology. There are also 3 dedicated studio spaces that will be available for a variety of classes and a dedicated cycling studio for spinning classes.

The centre is a hi-tech facility that is completely cashless to offer a hassle free ‘streamlined’ service. The facility is located a short walk from Vauxhall tube station at no. 50 South Lambeth Road , SW8 1DY , and is open 7 days a week.

The centre have also said that they are committed to offering concessionary prices for students, elderly and those with disabilities. The centre is part of an overgrowing effort to offer residents an affordable opportunity to better their health.

Scroll Searching

We are the scrolling generation, constantly flicking through timelines of news, adverts and re-posts. With this constant use of social media, it becomes easier for us to define our opinions based on what is constantly looking up at us from our screens.

Recently I had a flick through my twitter and instagram timelines. However, this wasn’t just the normal scroll before getting out of bed. I sat down and somewhat analysed my timeline and assessed what I was seeing everyday. The result were not surprising, a lot of clothes, music and skateboarding. As well as the usual news channels and sports updates.

My instagram feed was undoubtedly an echo chamber. I had seen the same skate clip 3 times on different accounts, seen the same concert advertised twice and seen the same pair of freshly released nike trainers posted more times than I care to recall. With this, it is clear to see why I’m sick of a song before it even seems a full release or why I can’t stand to see 8 people wearing the same ‘limited release’ tee shirt.

Not to mention the filter bubble of advertisements for events/clothes that I’ve already seen being forced down me, it’s clear that getting sucked in by your own timeline is somewhat unavoidable.

The decline of social media?

The most significant finding in the 2018 Reuters report has to be the reverse in the use of social media as a source of news. With social media now being the most readily accessible of news sources it comes as a surprise that this would be in decline.

Constantly at out fingertips, it is hard not to see news on social media. Whether it be scrolling through Facebook or twitter it is almost unavoidable to see a story on your timeline. With this being said the report shows that Facebook’s general usage remains much the same, however its use for news has dropped due to changes to the algorithm.

They also owe some of the decline to the questionable reliability of Facebook’s news. People have begun to share news through more personal sources such as Whatsapp which unlike Facebook has been gaining popularity amongst those reading news. Whatsapp offers a more intimate channel for users to discuss news on.

Instagram story posts are also becoming an ever more popular source for a quick and easy way to access news. Most media channels on Intsagram also allow for users to ‘swipe up’ if they would like to see the full story.

Who are you?

As this is my first post, I feel it is only right for me to write about who I am. I am Pedro, a 1st year journalism student at LSBU.

My main interests within the scope of journalism are fashion, art, music and culture. I hope to be writing on these as much as possible as they are practically unavoidable for me. I hope to be able to express my interests with those that share the same ones.