Concrete makeover

Renovations to Kennington park sports facilities are now underway. The upgrade was announced at the end of September and have now fully begun. The works include renovations or 5 tennis courts and 2 netball courts. They will be given a makeover with safer non-slip surfaces and official London Tennis association and England netball markings. Last […]

Kalefah Sanah for The New Yorker: Erykah Badu

Kalefah Saneh’s words on ‘The Godmother of Soul’ Erykah Badu are nothing short of beautiful. It is clear to see that he writes about her with the upmost respect and care, words such as ‘beloved’ and ‘fierce’ evoke his passion for the singer. He also has no problem with showing this woman’s impact on her […]

A way to better health for Lambeth residents

Last week Lambeth council announced the opening of a new leisure centre in partnership with Greenwich leisure limited. The centre is now fully open for business. It boasts a huge arsenal of equipment and facilities that users can access. The centre includes a 3 lane 25 metre swimming pool which is accompanied by a poolside […]

Scroll Searching

We are the scrolling generation, constantly flicking through timelines of news, adverts and re-posts. With this constant use of social media, it becomes easier for us to define our opinions based on what is constantly looking up at us from our screens. Recently I had a flick through my twitter and instagram timelines. However, this […]

The decline of social media?

The most significant finding in the 2018 Reuters report has to be the reverse in the use of social media as a source of news. With social media now being the most readily accessible of news sources it comes as a surprise that this would be in decline. Constantly at out fingertips, it is hard […]