The decline of social media?

The most significant finding in the 2018 Reuters report has to be the reverse in the use of social media as a source of news. With social media now being the most readily accessible of news sources it comes as a surprise that this would be in decline.

Constantly at out fingertips, it is hard not to see news on social media. Whether it be scrolling through Facebook or twitter it is almost unavoidable to see a story on your timeline. With this being said the report shows that Facebook’s general usage remains much the same, however its use for news has dropped due to changes to the algorithm.

They also owe some of the decline to the questionable reliability of Facebook’s news. People have begun to share news through more personal sources such as Whatsapp which unlike Facebook has been gaining popularity amongst those reading news. Whatsapp offers a more intimate channel for users to discuss news on.

Instagram story posts are also becoming an ever more popular source for a quick and easy way to access news. Most media channels on Intsagram also allow for users to ‘swipe up’ if they would like to see the full story.