Visualising through VR

The 11 ideas chosen by the knight foundation all have potential to change the way we consume news. The one with most opportunity is ‘Dataverses: Information Visualization into VR Storytelling’ by The Outliers Collective. Their idea proposes the use of videos and sound to make the viewer feel immersed in the scene that they are […]

Peabody housing faces protests from Deptford community

Deptford residents gathered outside the Newington offices of Peabody, in order to protest the proposed demolition of Reginald house and Tidemill garden space.  The protests have been going on since late 2017 when Lewisham council announced that the  ‘Reginald House’ and  Tidemill community garden would be demolished to make way for a  209-home build, none […]

Graffcity: A Day with a writer

Grafitti is a major part of London. It’s unavoidable, plastered everywhere. For those not in the know, it easily goes unnoticed. I recently followed a graffiti artist Luke (not his real name) on his travels through the city, we spoke and walked through east London, and he gave me an insight into the secret underworld of […]

40 Years Of The Undercroft

On Tuesday the 6th of November ‘What’s Up Southbank” opened at the LCC Studio on the top floor of Elephant & Castle shopping center. The exhibition constitutes of 40 years of images and videos that were taken at the undercroft in the Southbank center. The works include contributions from Grey Skate Mag, Mike O’Meally and […]

News on the move

Mobile news gathering is revolutionizing the form and speed that we receive news. People can now film, edit and upload from their pocket. Technology now allows us to write and publish stories as they happen, this is a now hugely competitive market for media companies. We also have media and news published for specific outlets. […]

Reconcile in Rwanda

The New York times magazines’ ‘Portraits of Reconciliation’, presents a selection of images and words depicting individuals 20 years after the mass genocide in Rwanda. The publication aims to show the effort of AMI a non-profit that aims to bring together people in hopes of forgiveness. Perhaps the most poignant image of all, is the […]

Telegraph On Your Telephone

The telegraph have been making a serious bid to attract new readers via snapchat. Over the past 2 years, snapchat has taken the social media world by storm, and it’s no doubt that many media companies such as vice, sky news and even the daily mail have snapchat channels that allow them to access a […]