News on the move

Mobile news gathering is revolutionizing the form and speed that we receive news. People can now film, edit and upload from their pocket. Technology now allows us to write and publish stories as they happen, this is a now hugely competitive market for media companies.

We also have media and news published for specific outlets. We now see a huge number of videos that are square and have captions, these are known as ‘short text videos’. They are intended for Facebook and Instagram, which both require the user to click on the video in order to hear sound.

Another pressing development is the quality of phone cameras. Technology is so advanced that videos filmed on phones are of publishable quality. This also opens the door for media companies to buy rights to videos filmed by someone who happened to be at the right place at the right time with a phone in their pocket.

We can now use our mobiles to watch and read but also film and write news. This makes for a more efficient way of gathering news which in a field as fast-paced as news is essential.