Reconcile in Rwanda

The New York times magazines’ ‘Portraits of Reconciliation’, presents a selection of images and words depicting individuals 20 years after the mass genocide in Rwanda. The publication aims to show the effort of AMI a non-profit that aims to bring together people in hopes of forgiveness.

Perhaps the most poignant image of all, is the one of Jean Pierre Karenzi and Viviane Nyiramana. Jean Pierre along with others killed Vivianes father and 3 brothers. The image shows the pair stood side by side. Jean’s head is held low in remorse as Viviane rests her hand on his back. Jean Pierre was the only one to seek reconcile with Viviane.

Jean Pierre and other offenders helped build Viviane a house with a covered roof. From the emotions in the image we can feel a real sense of shame and grief. However, the image also carries a sense of calm and hope.

It feels as if they both hold a huge amount of grief but have accepted the circumstance’s they now face. Their emotions are humble, its no doubt that this image is truly a portrait of reconciliation.