Christian Marclay: ‘The Clock’ at the Tate modern

‘ TH:EC:LO:CK ‘ The entrance to the immersive cinema showing the film.

The clock is an installation created in 2010 by artist Christian Marclay. In essence it is a 24 hour montage of video footage from films and television. It has been critically acclaimed fro some time now and when it came to my doorstep I was sure to go see it.

The film tells the time.  The footage selected either has a clock showing the time or someone speaking about the time. Each clip is about 30 seconds to a minute long. When my watch read 4:47 so did the clock on the screen and the character speaking about it. The film moves with time and we are along for the journey.

Marclay was been able to keep my interest for two hours, and it would’ve been more if the Tate closed later. The clips seemed to flow effortlessly. He sometimes used the same film at a later time and this made me feel less distant from the film as I was already familiar with some of these characters. 

The film was shown in a huge projected cinema screen with extremely comfortable sofas. I sunk in and took in the film as much as I could. It’s on show until the 20th of January. Unfortunately there are no more 24hr showings of the piece, however I will definitely be returning at other times to see some of what I missed.