The Hollywood Truth has completed a new set of research data that has analyzed how ‘true’ those big ‘based on a true story’ blockbusters really are.

The truth behind Hollywood 'true stories'.
Colour coded graph on The pink is false information used in the films and the blue is the factual truth.

The data is broken down into scenes on each film, being color-coded on how true the events actually are. We can click on each scene to show the reason behind their analysis. providing facts that either stem from historical information or from the book the films are based on.

If there is some kind of truth behind the scenes the data also shows this and takes it into account when giving a final percentage on how true the film as a whole is.

The problem with this data is that there are many more false scenes than I expected. Films can serious shape perception of historical events for some individuals. In some way the films with a low percentage of true scenes could be seen as fake news.

Our understanding of what actually happened can be altered after watching films. We tend to trust those 5 words that pop up before the opening credits a little too much.

The data presented is a testament to how Hollywood is capable of constructing a political and social history designed specifically for public viewing.