Brexit Blog: Filming at Parliament

On Tuesday the we visited parliament to film VT’s on the never ending topic of Brexit. It was a lovely day, clear skies and nice sunshine, so with this a lot of people were out to play.

Union jacks, big red signs reading ‘betreyal’ , and the EU stars were the common sights outside the houses. The protest wasn’t huge but it had a presence. Cars would drive past and beep, even the occasional “BREXIT!!” scream from a window.

We first started by shooting some still shots on a tripod as we thought this would make a good background to the voiceover we had planned. Then we walked about the area looking for a pontential interviewee.

eventually we found the perfect candidate, political satire artist Kaya Mar. Originalluy from germany he has been in the uk for over 30 years and knows alot of individuals who could be afected first hand by the brexit backlash.

A lot of time could’ve been saved with appropriate planning, however, we were very happy with the outcome of our interview. A shot-by-shot plan would’ve come in handy in helping with editing and could’ve made everything a bit easier.

But it all came together easily enough and the footage only took us a couple of hours to gather. It was a good exercise and i wouldnt shy away from doing a VT again, maybe about something a little less mundane than brexit.