VT and Radio Workbook

Week 1 

  • First introduction to VT Packages  
  • Learned how to book out equipment  
  • Getting used to using iPods and exporting media 

Week 2  

  • Health and safety forms 
  • Safe practice training 
  • GV’s and filming practice with VT group 
  • Premier pro introduction 

Week 3 

  • Group training for voice with Vanessa 
  • First time learning about radio etiquette.  

Week 4 

  • Beginning of research 
  • Learned how to perform and film piece to camera 
  • Had some more radio training and podcast tips  
  • Also learned about story angles and how crucial they can be for a good story. 
  • Prep for site visit next week 

Week 5  

  • Visited parliament to film a VT on Brexit protests 
  • First time filming at a large event 
  • Helped us find our feet and learn more about the best ways to go about approaching scenarios. 
  • Also learned the proper procedure of renting equipment 

Week 6 

  • First attempt at editing a full vt 
  • Got to grips with the editing software first hand  
  • Beginning to understand sound levels 
  • Started to look at how to make a vt transition seamlessly. 

Week 7 

  • vowed VT’s in class and discussed angles and what shots make it more interesting to watch for viewers 
  • Did some work on interviewing, learned techniques and placement in front of the camera. 
  • Filmed vox pope around uni as practice for our finals vt’s 

Week 8 

  • Viewed more VT’s in class and further discussion on how to get the perfect VT. 
  • Began looking at possible stories for both radio and video packages. 
  • Met as a group to discuss what we would like to film and what we think would make a good vt. 

Week 9 

  • Recap on how to submit vt and what to do in order to gain top marks 
  • Began planning for a radio interview and vox pops 
  • Script writing for radio complete  
  • Booked out equipment for VT Filming 

Week 10 

  • Recorded radio script and began editing 
  • Arranged to meet the interviewee 

Week 11 

  • Filmed final VT using the criteria and the tutorials we had to try and achieve the best possible. Filming techniques included, piece to camera, close up, vox pop alternations. 
  • Putting files on a shared workspace so all team members and editor could access. 

Week 12 

  • Reviewed final submissions 
  • Re-edited and checked both VT and radio packages. 
  • Met with the group to write final sheet  
  • Submitted both packages to Moodle with supporting documents.