Would you pay $800 for a degree?

A 3-year undergraduate course for a UK university costs £9,25o. So for just shy of £30k you can walk away with that diploma paper and a big smile on your face.  Now, as I am one of those who has “invested” in myself, one of my classmates and I thought let’s take a look at […]

The Hollywood Truth

Informationisbeautiful.net has completed a new set of research data that has analyzed how ‘true’ those big ‘based on a true story’ blockbusters really are. The data is broken down into scenes on each film, being color-coded on how true the events actually are. We can click on each scene to show the reason behind their […]

Visualising through VR

The 11 ideas chosen by the knight foundation all have potential to change the way we consume news. The one with most opportunity is ‘Dataverses: Information Visualization into VR Storytelling’ by The Outliers Collective. Their idea proposes the use of videos and sound to make the viewer feel immersed in the scene that they are […]

News on the move

Mobile news gathering is revolutionizing the form and speed that we receive news. People can now film, edit and upload from their pocket. Technology now allows us to write and publish stories as they happen, this is a now hugely competitive market for media companies. We also have media and news published for specific outlets. […]

Telegraph On Your Telephone

The telegraph have been making a serious bid to attract new readers via snapchat. Over the past 2 years, snapchat has taken the social media world by storm, and it’s no doubt that many media companies such as vice, sky news and even the daily mail have snapchat channels that allow them to access a […]

Scroll Searching

We are the scrolling generation, constantly flicking through timelines of news, adverts and re-posts. With this constant use of social media, it becomes easier for us to define our opinions based on what is constantly looking up at us from our screens. Recently I had a flick through my twitter and instagram timelines. However, this […]

The decline of social media?

The most significant finding in the 2018 Reuters report has to be the reverse in the use of social media as a source of news. With social media now being the most readily accessible of news sources it comes as a surprise that this would be in decline. Constantly at out fingertips, it is hard […]