My View on the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018

The Reuters Digital News Report of 2018 analyses the current state of digital news, covering topics such as fake news and the trust people have in the news. The report shows many interesting facts however what I considered the most significant is; the effect of fake news on people’s trust in the news, how trust relates to political leaning and how our technological advances are causing a change in how people view the news.

The two topics named above have an obvious effect on one another, the more fake news that people start to read means the more people loose trust in the news.  Currently only 44% of the population trust overall news which shows that fake news is a significant issue in the area of journalism.

Trust is related to political leaning; the report shows that in 2018 only 17% of right wing supporters trust most news most of the time whereas it reaches 49% for the left wing. However, something very interesting is that when it comes to the trust in local news, political leaning doesn’t make much difference.

Today’s modern technology is sky rocketing, which as the Reuters report shows, affects the way that people view journalism. The use of computers has dropped 34% since 2013 and mobiles/tablets have increase 64%.  Which in reality, makes a lot of sense, everyone has their phone on them 24/7 and can easily access all social media where news is highly viewed as well as separate news apps. However, is this drop from computers to phones affect the type of news people read?