Journalism in the Digital Age

Can anyone be a journalist? In this modern digital age, yes. People can start a blog, they can use Facebook as a platform, twitter, Instagram etc. This has major effects on news companies and makes it difficult for journalists to make money.

Journalists are facing a hard time as a result of their industry is becoming completely digitalised.

Our current technological era is causing traditional journalism to slowly ‘die’. Less people are reading newspapers, watching TV news and listening to the radio. People prefer to read shorter, simple articles resulting in less long form.

In addition, journalists are spending less time ‘in the field’ meaning no direct contact. Stories are affected by the use of telephones and emails  to conduct interviews as it prevents seeing body language and surroundings.

However, public reports and corporate information can be published online using digital journalism. As a result news gathering becomes lot easier. ‘Live updates’ enable stories to be published instantaneously. With the increased use of mobiles and tablets to view the news it means that news is highly accessible 24/7. Which I lightly touched on in my view on the Reuters Digital Report)