BFI Festival uniting the world through film!

The British Film Industry (BFI) London Film Festival 2018 started on the 10th of October and finishes on the 21st. The Festival takes place in 75 countries in 14 cinemas with 225 features, making it a globally diverse event.

BFI is a non-governmental public body which aims to support the film industry. They use organisations such as the National Lottery to fund the Film Festival.

BFI Southbank is one of the places where this event takes place. Having three main screens and one smaller screen with only 20 seats, known as the ‘Studio’ room. There is a ‘Blue Room’ which is an advanced reception. In addition there is a Mediatheque which screens varieties of British TV archives.

The Festivals aim is to bring together filmmakers’ from around the world to present their work to an audience. Increasing the filmmakers’ chances for the award season, with BAFTA coming up. “Opening the doors for everyone, audiences or filmmakers, is at the heart of the BFI’s purpose” says Amanda Nevill, the chief executive of BFI.

The Festival screens International films to help them get a release in the UK. The focus is also on films that have never been seen before and could never be distributed or come out much later.

A local man named Sean Burton was going to see “Evelyn” at the Southbank venue. He felt that the film festival “creates a buzz” and “generates opportunities for movies that usually wouldn’t get publicity”.


Visit BFI Southbank at Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE18XT or call 020 7928 3232 if you have any questions.