The Telegraph’s techniques at drawing in a younger audience through Snapchat

Screenshot of The Telegraph on Snapchat by Georgina Blackwell

Starting Monday and ending Sunday I followed The Telegraph’s posts on Snapchat. Done in an attempt to try and analyse the techniques that The Telegraph uses to draw in a younger audience. I successfully found three main techniques used.  

The Telegraph sticks with its demographic successfully by sharing stories such as; Not understanding Bitcoin, The Duchess of Sussex discussing social media pressure, Angela Merkel stepping down, discoveries of disappeared people and the crashing of a bus in China (etc). However, it includes partial soft news discussing topics such as; the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, the attention on Stormy Daniels and personal stories about diet/exercise and other things (etc). Thus, the stereotypical stories that teenagers want to read about.

Another technique that The Telegraph repeatedly uses for every article on snapchat is the use of music. Adding music that fits with the emotion linked to the story. Sad music being used for the crashing of a bus in China. Upbeat music for intense topics such as the article about Bitcoin. Spooky music for the article about Suzy Lamplugh who disappeared in 1986.

The last technique used is the appearance of the front of the article. The Telegraph uses moving text, moving pictures, moving pages, bright colours and little animations on the front page of the article. This makes the article interactive and stimulating for the brain as well as it makes the newspaper seem young and edgy as they are able to do advanced technological techniques which is attractive to younger people.