‘FREE’ Jack the Ripper Tour leaves you feeling guilty!

Jack the Ripper tour group, taken by Victor the tour guide.

Being a Sherlock Homes fanatic and always wishing I was smart enough to be a detective, when I saw a ‘Free Jack the Ripper tour’ pop up on my Facebook, I couldn’t resist.

I was impressed with how in depth the tour was, the tour guide didn’t only talk about the murders. He discussed the responses to the murders, all the different suspected people, the evidence as well as conspiracy theories.

Another viewer, Kaleb Harvey, agreed with me saying “there was a lot more to it than I expected, it put you in the timeline of events and gave you the chance to work things out for yourself.”

The tour guide who was an actor, Victor, played a big part in the tour. He knew how to send shivers down your spine when telling the story. He also had a really clear and easy-listening voice.

‘White Chapel’: the area where the Jack the Ripper murders took place, taken by Georgina Blackwell.

We soon found out that a mystery was being hidden from us, much like the mystery of Jack the Ripper.

‘Wonders of London’ offer the ‘free’ tours, however during the tour Victor asked if we would leave money for him at the end. Considering they offer the tours for free. It’s a cheeky way for the company to go about things.

My seven university friends and I stood there, with not a penny in our pockets and had to leave him empty handed with guilt staining our faces.

This personally, slightly, ruined the tour for me. I left feeling so terrible that I couldn’t give him any money. Especially when he had done such an amazing job. They should definitely go about things in a different way.