A Taste of Christmas in November

Some believe Christmas in November is ridiculous, but head to Southbank’s Underbelly Christmas market and I guarantee that your mind will be changed by the cosy atmosphere and delicious food that takes you around the world.

It was the mulled cider that sealed the deal for me. Although it may seem impossible after stuffing my face with a juicy sausage, crispy halloumi fries and fluffy pancakes, I somehow managed to become cold. The sweet tasting drink with a slice of berry infused orange hit the right spot. Warming my body and driving my taste buds crazy, as I sat around a fire pit sipping away and feeling right at home.

Talking about home, this market was a delightful taste of it. Having lived in Holland and visited German Christmas Markets, when I saw ‘Mini Pancakes’ which were a Dutch snack called ‘Poffertjes’ and German ‘Bratwurst’ sausages, I had to take a bite and fill my mouth with a pleasant remembrance of home and it did just that. When talking to a man from Spain called Jose Fernandez he had the same ideas, telling me that being at the market is the “one time I feel at home” with a massive smile on his face.

There are many people in this world that don’t agree with a Christmas market in November. Fortunately, I am not one of them. You won’t regret coming to this beautifully decorated, deliciously catered and festive Christmas Market, trust me!

Below you can find a video of mine and my friends experience at the Underbelly’s Christmas Market. It displays the food that we ate, the drinks that we drank. As well as an overview of the entire market, from start to finish!