Residents want Southwark Council to reinvest park hire fees back into the Park!

A petition has started for the reinvestment of Southwark park hire fees back into Southwark park and so far 28 people have signed the petition, with 100 being the goal.

The petition explains how Southwark Council hires out the park. Using it for events, film-making and other commercial activity. This “restricts access to, and can interfere with the enjoyment of Southwark Park”. Therefore, the hire fees should be reinvested into repairing and improving Southwark Park.

The Friends of Southwark Park started this petition to the London Borough of Southwark and are using their Twitter handle to convince people to sign the petition.

People such as Andrew Ormerod signed as he believes “This is a wonderful park”. Continuing that “it deserves all the support it can get as its widely loved and widely used!”.

Barry Duckett signed as he wants to “bring back the adventure playground and the netball and the hard-standing football pitch”.

The petition shows that people are not happy with the way that southwark Council are using the park.

Lauri Locstelli said “I actually object to the park being hired out for private enterprise. And then as a resident have to pay for the privilege of using it.” Continuing on that “The very least Southwark can do is give the money back to maintain the park”.

Others agree such as Gary Glover who said “The park is used as a cash cow for Southwark Council”.