The new Starbucks is bound to leave you penniless!

The new Blackfriars Circus Starbucks, taken by Kaleb Harvey

The new Blackfriars Circus Starbucks is bound to leave you broke, but satisfied, so if that sounds appealing to you, go right ahead and try their delicious coffees. If not, I warn you to stay away.

Do you ever think our society is cruel? Well I do! A new Starbucks has opened opposite my university halls of residents, I mean come on. Talk about the biggest tease ever! Being party enthusiasts as well as hard working students, really knocks the life out of you.

So, tell me: how are me and my fellow broke, and exhausted students, supposed to resist the urge of buying a delicious, warm coffee on the way to university every cold and wet London morning?

We aren’t!

The inside of Blackfriars Circus Starbucks, taken by Kaleb Harvey.

Of course, I end up going to the Starbucks and it all went down-hill from there. Almost being December, they have their Christmas collection and I decided to try the ‘Eggnog Latte’. I had to, every American Christmas movie talks about eggnog, so it was simply a must.

Bad Decision!

The moment I took my first sip I was in love, the frothy, cinnamon spiced coffee filled my mouth with, what I can only describe as, a little bit of liquid heaven. I was stuck in between wanting to down the drink then and there, or treasuring it for as long as it would stay warm.

No, I haven’t bought 4 within the last week…and no I didn’t use my overdraft.

So, as you can tell, I couldn’t stay away for long. If you are a university student I urge you to stay away or else you’ll be living off coffee for the year. Due to your addiction, you won’t be able to afford anything else.