Traditional vs technology-driven journalism

Traditional journalism is slowly dying out whereas technology-driven journalism is quickly becoming popular. With this comes tensions between the two.

Timing; Traditional journalism takes a much longer time to finish up and print. Having to find the appropriate space within the newspaper, having to have the right amount of words etc. There are a lot of aspects what have to be looked into. When it is finally printed, becomes old news within hours. Whereas technological-driven journalism can be published within seconds, which means old news can constantly be updated.

Pay; Getting paid as a journalist has always been very difficult and you would assume that because publishing online is much quicker. That journalists who write for online platforms would be paid much less that traditional journalists. This wouldn’t be the case considering that the process of writing article online is much quicker and easier. Journalists are able to write more articles per week and update quicker. Which should mean getting paid a relatively high amount.

Length; When an article is being published in a newspaper, the word-count generally has to be to the exact amount allowed as there is a certain slot for that article and it wouldn’t fit if there were too many words. This means a lot of editing. For online journalism, firstly the length is generally much shorter and to the point as this is what people would want to read. They also don’t have to stick to a specific word count as they don’t have a specific slot, the article can just be uploaded and will fit no matter what.

There are many more tensions between the two.