McLaren House: Students getting waxy over candle issue

McLaren House Entrance, photo by Georgina Blackwell

There’s no enjoying the delicious scent of a candle in McLaren house due to the fire safety hazard but inspector promises to tackle everyones candles next time. 

On the of 31st of October Block A of McLaren House, one of London South Bank University’s student accommodations, had room inspections.

The rooms are inspected to ensure that students are treating them properly. Also to make sure all the safety regulations are in check.

Every resident should have to follow the same rules but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Inspection letter, photo by Georgina Blackwell

“A letter from the inspections came saying that I will have another inspection because of a candle I had in my room” said Katie Isherwood. “It had never been lit, its simply for decoration” she added.

“I have two candles in my room and I didn’t get a letter about it” said Angharad Akideinde, Katie’s flatmate. “My candles are just for decoration, but that’s not the point. I feel bad for my flatmate.”

When talking to the inspector who wished to remain anonymous, they said “Angharad was there at the time and I asked them to put the candle away however Katie wasn’t there so I was unable to let them know, hence why they got the letter and the other didn’t”. 

The inspector had a reasonable explanation to as why this happened. However trouble like this causes student to get rowed up and cause problems. The inspector said he would “treat them as fair as possible” next time.