Stories hidden within databases –Are Hollywood movies true or false?

A representation of how true Hollywood movies are – screenshot from

The website ‘information is beautiful’ has a page “Based on a true true story?” which analyses Hollywood films, scene by scene and states whether the events that happened in the scene are ‘true, true-ish, false-ish or false’.

Each of these options are colour coded, making it easy for the reader to see an overview of how true/false the movie is. The website has currently reviewed 17 different movies, from ‘Hidden Figures’ (74% true) to ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ (52.7% true) to ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (80% true).

How can this information be useful to journalists? What stories can we create from this data?

When movies come out that claim to be ‘based on a true story’, people tend to get a special connection to the movie as they can picture it actually happening in real life, which adds to the emotions one feels.

But isn’t it important to know how accurate the claim is? For journalists writing reviews on movies, this can be a very factual website that will help them to compare the movie, to the truth, part by part.

There is so much fake news nowadays that journalists try so hard to avoid, this data can be useful to helping journalist avoid this problem.