Week Two: iPod Kit

We started off our introduction to broadcast journalism by being introduced to the iPod kits. Sam gave us a mini ‘tutorial’ on on what was in the kit and how we can use them appropriately.

He started off with the iPod touch itself, informing us what the code for the iPod is. As well as which are the main apps we will be using.

Moving onto the microphones, there are three different types. They all connect to the apps that we were shown previously. The first being the standard microphone. This came with an additional wire and plug that connects the microphone to the iPod. Next up was the wind-protecting microphone. This is mainly used for close range and is fluffy in order to cancel out the sound of the wind. The last microphone was the clip on microphone, which would be very appropriate for presenters. As well as if the speaker has to do anything practical as they don’t have to hold anything.

After going over all the equipment, we were put into our VT package groups and were given a short assignment. We had to walk around the London Road building and find people to interview about university. Done in order to practice using each of the microphones, my group used all three which was great practice.

For the short assignment, I used the regular microphone to interview a previous LSBU student. Matt interviewed a current LSBU student and Craig spoke about his personal university experience. Alessia did all the filming and recording. Pictures shown above.

When we got back we ended the class by going through ‘SiSo’ which is where we can book out the kit and other equipment. Sam gave us another quick tutorial, showing us how to find what we need and how to fill out the risk assessment form.