Week Three: Intro to VT Packages

We had the morning session with Rebecca, we started off by looking at different VT packages. It helped us compare different packages and learn what the best VT packages include. An example of a VT package was one on the start of London night tubes. We also went through a long list of vocabulary, such as filming sequence, cutaways, vox pops and piece to camera. The last thing we went over are the roles and responsibilities of making a VT package.

We were then split into our VT package groups, where we were instructed to create a short VT about student life. We had to stay within the university and take around 10 shots each. My group decided to focus on student/young adult smoking. Thus we walked around filming students smoking (checking for their permission). As well as filming university signs, signs saying ‘no smoking’, the smoking area and CTV cameras.

In the afternoon session we had Micheal, where we focus on radio rather than video. We were looking at many different sources and were introduced into different sites that can help us out in the future. We were shown ‘PA’ which is a form of news archives, ‘BoB’ which is a form of website that has TV on demand. Lastly, we were shown ‘IRN’ which is another news source. We were shown how to use the website and how they would come in handy for us.

We ended the session by going over something we discussed a lot the first semester, which is in bias in journalism and how we can minimise it.