Week Four: Data and Excel

In the morning session with Micheal, we started by going over the homework, as we always do. We had to write a story on a discussion between Sarah O’Connor and Tim Harford. Talking abut what they discussed, whether we agreed with what was said and if there were any reservations. As well as using this to consider how we approach statistical claims and where they could have misled us. We then had to use this knowledge to analyse a current story.

A few students discussed what they had talked about. Me not being confident when it comes to statistics, decided to stay quite.

After going over the homework, we moved onto business data. We talked about stock exchange and FTSE, currencies. Looking at some real statistics and using excel to create an infographic. Where we could view how things have changed and increased/decreased.

Next we focused on finding data stories, where we were shown a few interesting websites. An example being as ‘Strava’ which is a massive heat-map. Shown below. Micheal also showed stories from BBC news and explained how they could be made into data stories.

‘Strava’ which is an online global heat-map.

We finished the morning session off by doing an exercise. We had to find three different articles on BBC news. Talking about how we can develop the story using data sets.

For the afternoon session we had an excel workshop. We went over all the basics such as percentages and addition. We were given a few data sets and shown how to make infographics. Shown what the best one is to use for certain data sets. Having never been very good with excel, this was a really helpful class. It is always good to know the basics.