Week Five: Day of Excel

This week I was not present for the morning session with Micheal as I was helping a friend out at the hospital. However after reviewing the presentation on Moodle , I saw that they discussed ‘Finding data sets’. They started off with going over the homework and then later on went over examples of finding data sets in sources. They ended the session by going over next weeks homework.

For the afternoon session we had another Excel lesson, where we went through the rest of the examples that we did in the previous lesson. We went over one called ‘Box and Whisker Plot’ which I found particularly interesting as I had to hand draw these quite often when studying in IB. Moving on, we used real data sets from the police about different types of crimes in many areas around the United Kingdom. We learnt how to gather the main data we would need for whatever we would be doing, from the data provided as well as how to make graphs from this data. Being shown which graph would be the best to use in this scenario.