Week Five: Trip to Parliament

Today was a really fun day, we had a field trip at the houses of parliament in Westminster. We were given an assignment to create a VT package on Brexit.

Before going on this field trip, my group met up and discussed what angle we would want to take and our order of filming. We decided that we would focus on teen opinion’s on Brexit. At the time of filming the labour party had just backed a second referendum, meaning that younger people would have a chance to vote, thus we focused on asking teens about this when we interviewed them.

We then decided on who would do what and the order of our VT package. We decided that I would be the presenter and camera woman, Craig an interviewer and cameraman, Alessia also an interviewer and the editor and Matt would do the voice over as well as the research. 

Lastly, we created a general order of out package. We decided that we wanted to start it off with shots of the houses of parliament and then the presenter would start off talking about where we are, what’s going on and what we are going to be talking about. Moving on to shots of protestors, houses of parliament etc which will be shown with the voice over in the background, discussing Brexit statistics regarding younger people. Next would be interviews with young protestors or people around and asking them about what they think about Brexit and how they feel now that a second referendum has been backed. We would then finish up the package with the presenter concluding and signing off. We had a few other things we wanted to add in however because of time constraints we had to change it up.

The day was absolutely perfect for creating a VT package, the sun was shining and there were quite a few protestors around as well as we were there when Theresa may enter the house of commons.

The filming went rather well as we knew exactly what we wanted to do so we were just trying to get it done. However, we did struggle with finding younger people, because what we didn’t really consider was that everyone would be at collage/university. Thus, none of the protestors were young enough to use for our package but we managed to find some younger people about.

I think that out video turned out really good, it was edited really well and we managed to get quite a lot of information in the short time we had.

Later on in the day, we moved onto doing our audio files with Michael. I decided to do a walk around podcast, meaning that what I had to do was simply explain where I am and what is going on around me. I stood directly in front of the houses of parliament, where all the protestors and police were. It took me over 10 tries until I got a recording. that I was happy with.

At the end of the day we stayed around the houses of parliament for a bit to see if Theresa May was coming out and then eventually we were allowed to go home/stay/choose what we wanted to do.