Brexit VT Package

With March 29 just three weeks away, we aimed to give a voice to the younger generation who feel that their needs are being ignored, even though they are the ones that will face the long term effects of Brexit. 75% of people aged under 25 voted to stay in the EU, according to YouGov whereas the majority of older people voted to leave. We spoke to two international students who spoke about how the Brexit outcome could change their view on the country they’re studying in, and we also asked them their opinion on how the Labour Party have backed a second referendum.

Above you can watch our very first practice VT Package, which covers Brexit at the houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

My groups VT package was focused on the younger generations, at the time, current opinion on the Brexit Situation. At the time, labour had just backed a second referendum, meaning that younger people could have their chance to have a say and vote. With Brexit being the hot topic in England, many angles are covered by different news stations, we thought being young ourselves, it would be interesting to see what young people had to say.

My VT Package group met up the day before where we jotted down a few different ideas of the angle that we could take, we choose one specific one however had a second favourite for a backup story if the first one didn’t work out. We then discussed what type of information we would need. Knowing exactly what we wanted to talk about, we wrote down a step by step order of how we wanted out package to be laid out (thus starting with a presenter, moving on to shots of the protestors and houses of parliament where a voice over will be attached etc..). We then gave designated roles to each member of our group, meaning that some of us had to go home and prepare some things for the next day. On the day, knowing exactly what we wanted to film, we got everything done quite quickly, we shot the establishing shots and the presenters (my) pieces. The only part we struggled with was the interview, the reason being because it was a normal day, most young people were either at collage/university and not outside protesting, which we didn’t think to consider. Thus, meaning it was very hard to find young people to talk to. Once we had gotten all the footage we needed, we sent it all to Alessia so that she could edit it all together.

Regarding the feedback that we were given, we were told that the presenter should do all of the audio in the VT package, the voice over should have some kind of natural sound behind it, rather than only talking. Specifically, regarding the interviews, we were told that it looked slightly un professional as we had one reporter either side of the two girls we were interviewing as well as that the interview didn’t fit in that well considering the girls were around 25 and thus didn’t fall under our story idea of talking to younger generations. Regarding the positive feedback, I was told that I spoke very clearly with good pronunciation and acted as a very enthusiastic presenter.

What I learnt from this process is that you have to be fully organised on what you want to do in order to make the filming process easier and quicker. I learnt a lot about how a VT package should look, especially with the feedback given. Realizing that the talking should all mainly be done by the presenter. I think my group and I also learnt a lot about how to compress a lot of information in a short video as well as what are the most important parts to include, as we had a lot more information however that would have made the video far too long. Next time my group should make sure to think thoroughly about what we are doing so we don’t come across a similar problem (all young people were busy with collage/university and thus weren’t around houses of parliament). In general I think that my group did very well, we were really organised and knew what we wanted to do, we just came across a few small problems and this practice VT showed us what we need to think about next time.