Week Eight: Reporting controversial topics

The morning session started with discussing the New Zealand Mosque attacks, discussing the editors code of practice and by answering different questions that should be considered about it (such as how do you describe the incident at first? do you publish or show the attackers video? and how much details of weapons used, method of attack, planning etc would you reveal?) Michael showed us different covers of how ‘The Mirror’ wrote about this story, by using very controversial titles. We had a thorough discussion/debate about this.

After this we moved on to fight hoax, doing a similar task as the previous week where each group searches a Brexit article on their social media website. Then using fight hoax to answer questions about the article. After finishing off fight hoax we moved onto the homework which was to present our datasets and initial thoughts on how to approach it as well as ideas for graphs.

Finishing off the lesson, we were reminded of our workbooks and what exactly we had to do for it.

During the afternoon session with LJ we focused on a program called ‘In design’ which could help us make the layout of our infographic. We learnt how to use the program, being able to split it into columns, add text, add images, titles etc. We were given an assignment to create our own article layout using an article we found online, done in order to practice using the program.