Profile Interview VT Package

Some students like to spend their free time shopping, others drinking in their local pub but Rosie O’Regan, a student at London Southbank University, has taken a different approach to making the most of a day away from lectures and seminars. Juggling life as a film undergrad whilst being a part time DJ for her Student union. Rosie takes pleasure in tending to her personal garden in McLaren house (LSBU student accommodation) and making music.

Above you can watch our profile interview VT Package, which is about a London South Bank University student called Rosie O’Regan who uses her free time to garden and DJ and finds it important to focus on your hobbies.

Interviewing Rosie was a suggestion of mine as she lives in the same student accommodation as I do and I thought that she would be perfect for the profile interview. The reason I thought this was because she isn’t exactly a typical 22 year old girl, most people nowadays forget to focus on their hobbies as well as university and their social life however I always noticed that Rosie really does, which I find very inspiring.

On the day that the assignment was handed out my group and I decided who we would ask and a back-up just incase she wasn’t available or didn’t want to do it. After she got back to us, saying that she would love to do it, it was time to take action.

Craig and I (the other two members were unavailable) planned out the sequence of the interview, discussing the type of order that we would want to do and what kinds of shots we wanted to take. As well as we made a few interview questions. Before the interview I prepped Rosie with the basic questions we would ask her.

On the day of the interview Craig and I weren’t completely prepared as we had many different ideas, with Rosie having her own ideas too. We kind of went with the flow and filmed all the things that we thought would be relevant to the interview and would be a nice addition to the package. We decided to do the actual interview inside, in my student accommodations common room as it had a cozy feel to it. The gardening shots were obviously filmed outside, where Rosies garden is and the music production shots were taken in Rosie’s room where she has all her equipment set up. One shot of her DJing was taken at the universities student union, where Rosie DJs often.

Regarding the feedback that we were given, we had a range of helpful comments given considering that each of us had to edit the video separately, meaning my group all had completely different versions. The feedback given specifically to my video was that it was slightly long, which I was fully aware of and know for next time that I should make two versions (one to hand in and one for my youtube). I was also told that they wanted to hear more about Rosie, they felt like they didn’t get to know her well enough. When it comes to Profile Interviews you don’t need a piece to camera, so Craigs speaking piece at the end was an unnecessary addition. They liked all the shots taken that were added into the interview.

What I learnt from this assignment is that I have to learn how to get more information into a shorter period of time. I think this can be quite challenging, especially when just starting to learn how to edit. For next time I can do things such as make the questions shorter, or get rid of the questions all together and only have shots of the person talking about the topic. In general our packaged turned out well, I just think that we over-thought it a bit too much and added way more than was actually needed. Although the editing isn’t amazing (I am getting there) I think the video turned out really well and it was great fun working with such a talented person.