Audiogram: Brexit Podcast

Above you can listen to my audiogram on a walk around podcast which covers Brexit. Focusing on the environment outside the houses of parliament on the day when labour backed a second referendum and when Theresa May was delivering a speech to parliament.

On the 29th of February when we took a trip to the houses of parliament, we created a Brexit VT Package which has been published on my website, here, as well as creating an audio package.

For my audio package I choose to create a walk around podcast, thus what I had to do was walk around the area outside the houses of parliament and describe why I am there and what is going on around me. The piece is very descriptive and aims to enable the listeners to visualise themselves in that environment, as they are able to hear all the noises going on around me.

On the day, I made around 15 different versions of my podcast because I kept stuttering, making a mistake or just simply wasn’t happy with how it sounded. Eventually I came to a version that I wasn’t 100% happy with considering I messed up one part where I describe the signs however I tried my best and decided to use it anyway.

We used a website called headliner to edit these audio packages, the website allowed us to add images, a transcript, a title and a wavelength.

My audio packaged turned out quite nicely after editing it, I think I managed to add appropriate images and a nice title. I definitely enjoyed using the website to spice up the audio package, rather than just leaving it as an audio file. It is more satisfying for the listener to have some visuals while listening.